Paul Fredrick Promo Code – Save On Men’s Clothing

Paul Fredrick is an online shopping vendor for men that specializes in confident timeless designs. Paul Fredrick carries items such as ties, suits, dress shirts, and much more elegant clothing. The casual and formal menswear is a great fit for job interviews and late night out. So, take this opportunity to use the Paul Fredrick promo code below to save a lot on the great items available at Paul Fredrick.  Here is the exclusive Paul Fredrick coupon for March 2013 (click the link below and the coupons will automatically be applied):

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Be sure to use up the Paul Fredrick promo code quickly before they expire. This is a rare opportunity that only comes every now and then. Get your hands on quality and elegant made items now at Paul Fredrick.

Cufflinks For Men At Paul Fredrick

Whether it is for an important business meeting or a special night out, a nice pair of cufflinks for men is what is needed to add a subtle touch of elegance while giving you a chance to express a competent sense of fashion and individuality.  It is perfectly fine to be bold with your cufflinks.  This is the one accessory that allows you to be as flashy as you want to go with a perfect outfit.

Anybody is capable of buttoning up a shirt and two cuffs, but only the rare few are able to go that extra mile for elegant details.  Cufflinks for men are the type of item that is completely voluntary.  That is probably why it gives off such a vibrant touch when it is worn properly.  Sure, some men feel that cufflinks are a little excessive; these men just do not know what they are missing out on.  Cufflinks allow us men the chance to have a defined style.  Although it provides more cosmetics than function, it should definitely be a standard in men’s fashion, just like the watch.  Because when it is worn properly with a French cuff shirt, the cufflinks will show an apparent sign of style and elegance.  The only place I know of that have impeccable cufflinks that are made of quality and at a fair price is at Paul Fredrick.

Paul Fredrick, an online shopping for men, offers the best cufflinks for men.  The cufflinks at Paul Fredrick offers variety of traditional cufflinks in sterling silver and gold, as well as other materials as crystal and enamel.  These cufflinks for men are designed in a classic style and modern theme that will definitely gain your absolute interest.  In addition, Paul Fredrick offers beautifully engraved cufflinks for men as well.  The engravings of cufflinks are only for selected pieces.   And if you are shopping for someone, these small items make an appropriate gift for birthdays or weddings.

Here are some nice cufflinks that I have purchased myself at Paul Fredrick:

Square Engraveable Cufflinks

Nothing says personalize more than engraveable cufflinks.  These cufflinks look amazing especially with my initials on it.  These are simple yet extremely elegant.  Wearing these gives me a sense of pride, showing off my defined style.  These cufflinks are silver plated and have a swivel T-bar enclosure.

Crystal and Enamel Square Cufflinks

This cufflinks for me with the crystal and enamel is just so awesome.  Also, the design is just perfect.  When I wear these with a nice French cuff dress shirt, it stands out so much.  I really like these.  This cufflink comes with crystal and enamel with a silver plated backing.

Sodalite Circle Cufflinks

The reason I chose this cufflink is because of the circular shape and beautiful blue sodalite.  It just so different from the other cufflinks that I own and it have such a defining style to it.  It is round with a blue sodalite rock and it comes with a swivel T-bar enclosure.

As a reminder, cufflinks are only supposed to be worn with a French cuff dress shirt.  Wear it with any other type of shirt and it will look weird and improper.  So be sure to properly wear this impeccably made cufflinks for men to ensure an elegant and sophisticated style is shown.

Aside from the ones I have shown you, Paul Fredrick has many more cufflinks to offer.  So be sure to head over there now to make your purchase of quality cufflinks at Paul Fredrick.

Paul Fredrick Menstyle – Shopping For Men Clothing

These days, there are more choices in fashion for men out there than ever before.  Also, the amount of clothes increases by the day.  Some are nice stuff, but most of it is garbage.  And then, there are some special ones out there that over exceeds by removing clutter and unnecessary items and just specializing in men’s fashion.  For me, that special place is Paul Fredrick Menstyle, or otherwise known as just Paul Fredrick.  They are an online shopping mall that specializes in men clothing and where I frequent regularly to shop for my clothes.

Paul Fredrick Menstyle has been in the clothing business for 25 years now.  It was originally just a place where it specializes in dress shirts.  But today, their collections have grown and widen over the years to more than just dress shirts.  It now includes items that will supplement the dress shirts like the ties, suits, cuff links, socks, shoes and many more items.

At Paul Fredrick Menstyle, clothes are made from only the highest quality material.  The people Behind Paul Fredrick have an eye for style that exceeds other clothing company when it comes to men.  These clothes make you resonate an aura that give off a confident and trendy feeling.  You will always look fresh and never boring.

When finding a size that would fit, do not worry.  The sizes are extremely comfortable and fitting.  They stock up an unimaginable amount of unique sleeves, collars, and dress shirt style.  The variety of shirts are so vast, it is likely that you will be able to find a shirt you like.

Yes, the quality of the clothes at Paul Fredrick Menstyle is great, but that does not mean it is outrageously expensive like some designer label that charges just for the name.  the prices here are indeed very fair.

The best part about shopping at Paul Fredrick is that they guarantee their products.  This means that if you are not satisfy with any product or items that you have purchased, you can exchange it for free or get a quick refund.  No questions asked!

Paul Fredrick is a place where I frequent a lot.  Over the years of shopping there, I experienced top notch quality clothes and at a fair price.  I have had no problems shopping at Paul Fredrick so far, thus I would strongly recommend shopping at Paul Fredrick Menstyle now.

Dress Shirts For Men – Shopping At Paul Fredrick

Whether you are looking for a dress shirt to your first job or a top executive looking to extend their wardrobe, buying quality shirts is a must.

For some time now, I became a frequent shopper at Paul Fredrick, an online clothing store.  What I usually buy when I shop at Paul Fredrick are the dress shirts for men.  These shirts are made from high quality materials, and they are priced extremely well.  The selections for Paul Fredrick shirts are abundant in size.  There are probably hundreds of different types of shirts at Paul Fredrick. It is definitely a plus.

For those who do not know about the dress shirts for men available at Paul Fredrick, they come in three different sizes: the regular fit, the trim fit and the big and tall.  And if you are looking for a specific type of shirt but cannot find it anywhere, Paul Fredrick will allow you to custom make the type of shirt that you want.

-Regular Fit

Regular fit shirts are usually cut for the average man.  These shirts are cut for maximized comfort and good fit.  It won’t be too tight, or too loose.  As a reminder, shirts that do not state whether they are slim fit or big and tall are probably a regular size shirt.

-Trim Fit

Trim fit shirts are tailored to fit the leaner body type.  These dress shirts for men are made to be narrower around the chest and around the waist area to accommodate that slim and lean body type.  This is perfect for those who do not need a regular size shirt, giving that perfect tailored look, as well as confidant and stylish.

-Big and Tall

The big and tall fit offers the most comfort.  This is for the taller men that need that extra length.  The big and tall fit offers a little extra length in the sleeve collar and body area.  This is the perfect shirt for those who are too tall for the regular and slim fits.

Here are the Sizes for Dress Shirts at Paul Fredrick

Dress Shirts, Sport Shirts

 . Size Slim, Regular, Big and Tall










15 & 15-1/2

16 & 16-1/2

17 & 17-1/2

18 & 18-1/2

19 & 19-1/2

20 & 20-1/2









Reg Sleeve








Tall Sleeve








-Custom Design

If the selection of dress shirts for men at Paul Fredrick are not enough, the custom design area will accomplish that shirt you desire.  The custom design feature will allow you to select the type of quality fabric available and the design you want.  It will also let you select the perfect collar type that will fit you.  And of course, they will let you pick the size of the shirt that you design.  But most importantly, you can add a monogram onto your shirt.  Imagine having your initials at your shirt pocket or cuffs!

Now you have the basics learned to begin buying dress shirts for men at Paul Fredrick. But if you are having any problem with the shirts purchased, you can return or exchange it with no hassles.

Return or Exchange

The people at Paul Fredrick want you to have shirts that fit you.  They will guarantee a refund or exchange if you do not like the shirt. All you have to do is send back your shirt with the return label and state your intentions, whether it be return or exchange.